I am a demographer and content developer based in the United States and Israel. Formerly, I was based in the Kurdistan Region. Email me at info@levi.news to start working together.

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I have four areas of professional expertise and experience.

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My lines of work

I was born in Los Angeles on Simchat Torah, foreshadowing my interests in Jewishness and community activism. I began university when I was thirteen years old, moved to the Kurdistan Region in my twenties, and am relocating to Israel in my thirties.

🧵 Biography

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I have worked with a range of clients and employers, and will graduate from Penn State in 2022 with my masters degree in Applied Demography.


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In addition to leading dozens of seminars, I have appeared frequently on the radio, on television, and on stage at events such as TEDxDuhok, AMP Conf, and MENA360.

🗣 Public speaker

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As a journalist and photojournalist, I have contributed to Middle East Eye, Kurdistan24, and more. I have also done visibility work for clients such as the United Nations.

📰 Bylines

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For several decades, newsworthy events from my life have been covered by outlets such as The Forward, Alhurra, and Los Angeles Times.

📺 Publicity

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To help make a difference, I have released more than 10,000 photos to help researchers and journalists cover issues that matter to me.

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📚 Photo publishing

My photos and videos has been used by the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, the Penn Museum, Routledge, and more.

📑 Photo credits

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To view a summary of my online presence, go to linktr.ee/levimeirclancy

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